Saturday, November 2, 2019

Business- Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment - Quiz Essay

Business- Its Legal, Ethical, and Global Environment - Quiz - Essay Example offices. The four were catching up on their electronic mail. The four soon discovered each others presence on electronic mail. One commissioner wrote to the other three, â€Å"Lets get some business done so long as were all here. We could resolve that unfair competition case thats pending for next month. We can iron out our differences via e-mail.†Ã‚   The electronic exchanges of the commissioners would: (Points: 8) 5.  TCO C: Susan Sandren purchased a toaster from Standard Electric. While using the toaster the day after it was purchased, Susan discovered that the toaster slots were too small for a thick piece of bread. The bread was stuck in the slot. With the toaster still plugged in, Susan used a knife to pry loose the toast and was electrocuted.   In a suit by her family against Standard Electric: (Points: 8) Tort defense includes Volenti not fit injuria, which means there was no intensions to cause harm and the injured took a risk of being injured. For example, if a person goes to a hockey game and they get hit by puck, they are taking the risk of getting hit, which is not the fault of the hockey player. Illegality is where the injured is in the wrong doing while being the defendant’s property. In a case, a thief jumps out of a building to avoid being arrested, the property owner cannot be held liable. 7.  TCO C: Will Chancit, a 36-year-old attorney, was killed when his Ford Fairlane collided with some metal fence on the Harbor Freeway in Los Angeles.   He was traveling at a speed between 50 and 70 mph.   After the collision, the car spun and the driver’s door flew open.   Chancit was ejected from the car and sustained fatal head injuries.   Had the door stayed closed, his injuries would have been relatively minor.   Chancit was not wearing his seat belt.   Discuss the negligence theory for recovery in the suit Chancit’s widow has brought against Ford Motor Company, the

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