Thursday, November 7, 2019

APEC essays

APEC essays The question is "Can the Canadian government maintain its committment to globisation without comprimising its stand on human rights and why or why not?" The answer is no. Canada's committment to globalization comprimises it's stands on human rights for different reasons. The main reason being APEC. The following paper will ague just that and how Apec is causing many problems in societies all over the world. APEC is a grouping of 18 "economies" which aims to impose a "free trade" zone in the Asia-Pacific region. Despite the rhetoric, there is nothing free about "free trade." It is the forced changing of rules to benefit corporations at the expense of people, governments and the environment. As Joan Spero, the US Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs said, "APEC has a customer. APEC is not for governments, it is for business. Through APEC we aim to get government out of the way, opening the way for business to do business." The Termination of our Social Safety Net In theinternational market, there are cut backs made on employment insurance, welfare, education and health care are they are made under the excuse of luring investment. Any word of increasing taxes is extinguished by corporations forewarning to withdraw for a "preferable" business environment. Regardless of the skyrocketing profits, corporate contributions to tax revenues have plumetted from 50% in the 60's, to less than 8% today. It is suspected that it'll be sooner then later that Canada will adopt the impoverished American model - no safety net, just cold concrete. APEC has nagative effects on the Environment APEC and "Free trade" agreements like it, reduces international environmental standards by making the process of moving between states easier for businesses. In order for there to be compition, countries are obliged to slacken their environmental regulations to the lowest they can be by law. Canadian mining industries, which have been know ...

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