Monday, February 3, 2020

ELL Proficiency Standards Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

ELL Proficiency Standards - Assignment Example lps the English learners gain the proficiency in English fast and this guides them in meeting the language demands and in dealing with complex areas of instructions such as science, mathematics and social studies. A student at level III can apply the knowledge of English conventions through constructing simple or compound sentences with some errors. The structure of the sentence includes regular objects as well as simple and progressive sentences. The listening and speaking domain contain two standards, the comprehension of oral communication and the delivery of oral communications. The main objective of this domain is to ensure that students engage effectively in collaborative discussions either one or one with other others, teacher led or in-group discussions. This helps in building ideas and clear self-expression ( Common core, 2014). To meet the above objectives teachers and students should engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions such as (one-on-one or, in-group discussions. Learner to learner involvement in discussions with diverse partners is also necessary as it helps in building on others’ ideas and expressing themselves clearly. This domain contains four standards namely print concepts, phonemic awareness or coding, standard fluency and finally text comprehension. The main purpose of this domain is to help learners read and understand different texts on similar topics. Moreover, the domain assist enriching learners knowledge through use of vocabularies and to gain skills necessary in comparing and contrasting two different texts in the same topic ( Evenson et al., 2013). Many ELL students have difficulties in learning to read in English .To Build the reading fluency the teacher should encourage ELL students to reread orally books they are familiar with in English. While reading, the teacher keeps the track of errors and records them for further discussion with the student. Incorporating writing in the lesson helps student in

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