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Residential Life Sets The Tone For Ones College Experience

As the year comes to an end so will many students experience in the residence halls. Residential life sets the tone for ones college experience and with four different places to live means four different experiences to have had this year. Name: Mollie Merino Hometown: Denver, Colorado Residence Hall: Cate Center Major: International Studies Merino shared her experiences in the dorms with 16 other girls in one bathroom saying, â€Å"we became really close right off the bat†. â€Å"For me the experience of living in Cate has been really positive, just because it’s given me the opportunity to meet so many people. Which coming from out of state was a really unique and cool opportunity†. At the start of the year Merinos biggest fear was she would hate it and not doing well here. â€Å"My biggest fear was that I wasn’t going to be able to cut it out here. That I wasn’t going to be liked, that I wasn’t going to have friends, and that I wasn’t going to do well†, she said. Merino said, â€Å"the option of going home was one I wasn’t going to let myself have. I didn’t want to be that person who talked about leaving and then turned around and came back†. Next year Merino will be an RA at Headington Hall. She says† I think the cultures are really similar, the buildings themselves are pretty different, obviously Cates a little bit older, a little bit less luxurious than Headington†. â€Å"In Cate, it’s a really small community, I pretty much know everyone who lives in our building. I love itShow MoreRelatedThe Irish As Aliens Of A Different World Essay1707 Words   |  7 PagesA single decision set the course for of significant repercussions felt in to the present day. It beganins in the colonial days whenre the British fought to seize Ireland and subjugate their people. British dominance evoked the cultural belief that Ireland was inferior both as a society and in the morality of their beings. The British viewed conceptualized the Irish as aliens of a different world; such as, accusing them ofas wife swapping, being alcoholics, and acting with violent tendencies. IllustrationsRead MoreAppearance Versus Reality Of September s Identity2117 Words   |  9 Pagesothers although the rumour is not true and how she cannot speak up about her mistreatment and abuse by her foster mom to others. This also restrict her from revealing her true emotion as she has no one to let out her feelings and problems she is facing. Her outward appearance is shown with lighter skin tone as April wants to hide that she is Metis by lying to her peers about her true identity. Text to Self: ï » ¿I can relate to the feeling of being hurt and lonely when I first came to Canada. As I knewRead MoreEmployee Safety2187 Words   |  9 PagesEmployee Safety Joshua Ogles Mount Olive College Abstract Operational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) is very important to employee safety and the safety of the companies involved. This paper talks about a few examples of how OSHA operates and how they interact with employees and the companies that they work for. There are many standards of OSHA that can be confusing or be misinterpreted and are a big impact on everyone involved. Every employee should be proactive and participate in the safetyRead MoreStructural Family Theory Paper1866 Words   |  8 PagesMezzo Level of Structural Family Theory Managing family life for a married couple with children can sometimes be a complicated task with taking care of children, maintaining employment or school, and not to mention being able to maintain effective communication between spouses. Being a mother in today’s society come with certain rules that are fit for that role, and that goes for fathers and their gender role in the household, however, society norms that enforces gender typical roles are not alwaysRead MoreAgeism and the Elderly2651 Words   |  11 Pagesold people who are no longer able to actively contribute to society. When is a person considered to be old or elderly? There was a time when you were required to retire at the age of 65. But with the economy and life span increasing people work until they cannot. There is no set age but society usually deems a person old when they are able to collect benefits like pensions, social security, medical care or discounted meals. The United States Census Bureau has estimated that the population ofRead MoreThe Importance Of Person Centred And Holistic Care2502 Words   |  11 PagesHe decides to take early retirement four months ago as he finds difficult to cope with a full time job. His partner has continued to work full time and they have two teenage children who live with them in a large house in a rural location. The young one has diagnosed with the Down syndrome. He feels very unwell and gets diagnosed with acute bronchitis and signs of dehydration on his admission. On admission Chris shows signs of dehydration. When the normal water content of our body is reduced, it distressesRead MoreUnit 1 Health and Social Care16199 Words   |  65 Pages Developing effective communication in health and social care UNIT UNIT 11 LO3 Understand ways to overcome barriers in a health and social care environment LO4 Be able to communicate and interact effectively in a health and social care environment one-to-one and group contexts of communication communication and interpersonal interaction strategies aids to communication verbal and non-verbal communication skills effectiveness 3 Contexts of communication in health and social care Health and socialRead MoreThe Movie Girl Interrupted 3398 Words   |  14 PagesThis paper will be based on a character in the movie† Girl, Interrupted† who was suffering from one of the PD’s in cluster B, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and with this disorder; and with is disorder, they are often dramatic, emotional and very erratic. According to DSM-5, the prevalence for the general population for BPD is 5.9%, it is more diagnosed in women about 75% than men, it was associated with considerable mental and physical disability especially among the female populations andRead MoreContemporary Development in Business and Management3907 Words   |  16 PagesLondon College of Management and IT In Association with University of Sunderland Contemporary Development in Business and Management Assignment Code: SIM 337 Submitted by:Submission date: 09th of January 2009 Task -01 For task one I have chosen Grameenphone-the GSM cellular service provider in Bangladesh. Introduction: On 28th of November 1996 Grameenphone was offered license of cellular service provider by the Bangladesh Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. 26th of March 1997, on the IndependenceRead MorePersonal Approach On Family Therapy3624 Words   |  15 Pages Personal Approach to Family Therapy Solution Focused Brief Therapy Martin Kariuki Eastern Nazarene College June 30th 2015 Personal Approach to Family Therapy Solution Focused Brief Therapy Postmodernists view of Solution focused Brief therapy (SFBT) is a counseling approach focusing on solutions instead of problems. There are no fixed truths or realities, and whatever the client presents is the reality. Therefore the client, not the therapist, is the expert. SFBT is a goal directed

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